Top 10 best WordPress Affiliate Marketing plugins to up your game in 2020

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WordPress Affiliate Marketing plugins

Internet and social media have become a significant part of our life, and we see that some people have a considerable influence and big fan following; due to this fact, we see that these influencers join hands with renowned brands and promote them. This alliance between the influencers and the brands is known as affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing has a wide scope, and it also attracts much traffic really fast due to the fact that many of the social media influencers are promoting these brands.

Affiliate marketing has many advantages. Some of the advantages are that it is cost-efficient, it helps to attract more traffic to brands, the influencers, by advertising the brands can greatly boost the reputation of the brand. The cost of having an affiliate depends upon the performance, it can help brands to attract more traffic rapidly.


But, it is not all gold. It is still hard to get a lot of attention. We know what you guys might be thinking now.


WordPress Affiliate Marketing plugins

Not to worry though!

Today we are going to talk about some of the affiliate marketing plugins that can boost your business in 2020. Before jumping into it, we would like to discuss the top trends like the Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin, how to add affiliate links to WordPress, WordPress affiliate plugin for Woocommerce and WordPress affiliate plugins.

Affiliation and WordPress

As from what we have stated above, we can see that WordPress plays an important role in the affiliation. Now we will discuss some of the affiliations regarding WordPress.

Now for anyone who has been working on WordPress for quite some time and has big traffic on his website knows that affiliation plays an important role in making more money. There are a lot of affiliate programs related to WordPress but for the beginners, there is always a lingering thought ‘how to add affiliate links to WordPress?’

Now there are three ways to add an affiliation on your WordPress; in the article, in the picture, and in the widgets.

In article:

When you want to add affiliation in your article just write the article and when you feel the need of placing an affiliation just select the word or the sentence and choose to hyperlink from the edit menu and add the link to your affiliation in it. Upon clicking the hyperlinked word or sentence, you will be directed to your affiliate link.

In picture:

When you are writing the article and feel like adding the picture to provide the information to your affiliation; go to add media, select the picture and upload it to your article, now select the picture and click the hyperlink option from the edit box and paste your affiliate link in it. Upon clicking the image you will now be directed to your affiliate link.

In widgets:

Start with a new document without adding any title; write what you want to see in the widget. Now, add a hyperlink by selecting the word or the sentence and choose to hyperlink from the edit menu. Add the link to your affiliation; switch over to the text from the visual tab and copy everything from the document.

Now you open up your website and go to your widget area, scroll down until you find the box with ‘text’ written inside it. Now you select and drag that box into the ‘widget area – layout: box index’. Leave the title empty and in the document just post all that you have copied and saved. Now when you open up your article, you will see the widget having the link to your affiliation which will now lead your readers to your affiliate link. You can also add images in the widgets by following the same steps as you did for the text.

WordPress can be used to affiliate your article to Amazon and people earn big cash from selling the items on those affiliated websites. But sometimes it can become really hard to keep the track of all the affiliate links. To make it easier for you there are Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins that keep track of all the affiliate links you have on your WordPress. They keep track of how many sales have you made and how many people have clicked on the link.

Sometimes the link gets broken or the item does not remain on that particular website anymore. Without a plugin, it is hard to keep track of all the links and update them. There is no sure way to know what happened to your links and to find them is a big hassle. But when you have a plugin, all the work gets simplified as the plugin manages all the links for you, changes the links and keeps track.

Woocommerce is a website that is, like WordPress, where you write blogs and attract people with your words to buy things from you. Now Woocommerce can be used for many things that are related to business and can help you earn money. One of the trades on Woocommerce is the drop shipping where people post ads to sell items and when people buy these items; the items are provided to the customer through a third party. People often use WordPress to attract people to their Woocommerce traffic and so people post all types of commerce blogs on their websites which helps them make a lot of money.

There are now some plugins available to help these people manage their blogs and links. These plugins can manage all of your Woocommerce links and sales and the traffic that you get on your Woocommerce links from your WordPress blogs.

Many people use their WordPress articles to make big bucks really fast. Affiliations can help people in doing great work for themselves and help them make a lot of good money in the process of getting recognized. WordPress can be used for many things like Amazon, Woocommerce, and much more. But the writers still face a lot of difficulty in managing all of the links since it gets complicated to manage all of the links after writing multiple articles. For these purposes, there are a lot of plugins that can help you manage your work and your links.

Not only it can keep all the records of the people and traffic on your WordPress but it can also tell you how many people have visited your website and bought items. However, that is not all there is about WordPress affiliate plugins that can add affiliation to your blogs while you keep writing without any worry to have affiliation links. You just have to put the keywords where you want to want to add the links of the affiliate soon enough the keywords with an automatic link are set up via this plugin.

Now after we have talked about amazon affiliate WordPress plugin, how to add affiliate links to WordPress, WordPress affiliate plugin for Woocommerce and WordPress affiliate plugins. It is time that we are going to talk about the top 10 affiliate marketing plugins to up your game in 2020 that can help you with your work.


WordPress Affiliate Marketing plugins

This is one of the best link management plugins out there if you are looking for WordPress plugins. This plugin is trusted by more than 100,000 people. Pretty links allows you to add links to your websites easily, it also helps you to create memorable affiliates for URL or podcasts.

You can also enable the auto-linking on this plugin. This means that when a link gets expired or when someone opens up your affiliate website and sees error 404. Pretty links can redirect all those users on to the working website.

Pretty links also show detailed reports on your links on the WordPress dashboard which gives you all the stats showing which link is doing better than some of the other links on the websites that you created.

This is another strong link management plugin. Like Pretty Links, Thirsty Affiliate can help you in auto-linking on your website and you can check how all of your links are performing which helps you in the organization of your partners.

Upon speculation, we understand that link management plugins are so important because it is a significant part of affiliate marketing. Sometimes people open up a website that is old and that website is broken or shows up an error that will cause a lot of money to plummet down the drains. So, genuine affiliate marketing plugins are a definite must-have.

Being an affiliate market user, you need to be up-to-date on which article of yours is getting more attention and which of the article is not getting more of the traffic which can help you manage and maintain the articles with more traffic and it also helps you to work on the article that is not getting much of the traffic.

MonstersInsight not only lets you know the analytics of the articles but it also helps you to know what consumers are doing while opening up your website. The reason MonstersInsight is a great plugin is that it is trusted by more than 2 million users.

MonstersInsight also comes with link tracking which makes it very easy for the tracking of your affiliate links and more things like your ads, URL clicks, page analytics, and comprehensive analysis.

Let’s say that you are growing at a rapid rate and finally you see that there is the time when you want more traffic on your website and you feel like you have earned enough; so now you try to give some of it away to the people out there.


WordPress Affiliate Marketing plugins

Now, RafflePress is best suited if you want to organize a giveaway or simply want to do a contest on your website. Now we all know that a massive amount of people follow these giveaways; even though they don’t follow your website or your blogs and so the giveaways attract a huge amount of people to your channel.

RafflePress comes with an easy to use interface that lets you drag an item or template and place it on your chosen place. This lets you create interesting giveaway campaigns that attract huge amounts of traffic. It can also help you promote some affiliate products of your choice or have seasonal campaigns.

As the name suggests, this is the plugin that helps you stay in constant contact with the visitors of your website even if they stop visiting your website after a while. This is the plugin that provides the top email marketing service on the internet. You can create a newsletter in emails very easily and even do campaigns on email with this plugin.

Like RafflePass, Constant Contact is an easy to use builder interface that can create beautiful emails in just some clicks. Affiliate partners can also be promoted on the newsletters which may open up to promote your affiliation on other websites. Constant Contact can also provide you with detailed analytics on the progress of your campaign.

This is one of the best plugins that you can buy in the market right now, Semrush can help you in SEO tools. Content writers and affiliate marketers can take advantage of this. Tools for keywords are also provided, which helps you search for keywords, give rise to new ideas and see your keywords rankings.

Another one of its features allows you to see which of the keywords are being used by your competitor and what the ranking of those keywords are. Semrush can also give you tips to beat your competitors in SEO ranking.

This plugin is for anyone who is just a beginner and wants to take things to the next level. You can create forms using this plugin. WPForms provides a drag and drop facility which can easily help you to create online forms. WPForms can work with other plugins like Constant contact which can send replies to your consumers. You can easily create any type of poll or survey using this plugin.

A major part of your work lies in the management of the ads. You can make a lot of money using ads which can be of great help in affiliate marketing. This plugin comes with display options that can help you to control where users see your ads; be it on the header, sidebar, or at the bottom of the webpage like a footer.

There are sometimes exclusive deals provided by your affiliate links. And so you can issue ads with your affiliate link and set the dates for displaying specific ads so that people can know about exclusive offers which can help you greatly in your quest of affiliate marketing. This is a great tool for anyone who uses Google AdSense to generate much revenue.

With AdSanity you can effortlessly have an ad display in your article without making changes to your WordPress. All you have to do is just place ad code on your website. AdSanity shows a graphical representation of your ads, giving you all the data you need regarding the performance of a specific ad and which of the ad is not performing well. It can also give you a custom report on the data if you select the data to be from and to a specific date.

This is one of the most powerful plugins which helps in affiliate tracking. It also gives you management tools which are great for anyone who is about to start his own affiliation business. All you need are a few minutes to start your own affiliate program using this plugin. Using Affiliate Royale you can keep track of not only sales and clicks on the affiliation but it also keeps a record of payments. It also works with platforms like PayPal, and Woocommerce which makes affiliate royale a great WordPress affiliate plugin for Woocommerce.

This is a very powerful plugin that is ideal to fetch content from your affiliate networks to your WordPress. You can use this plugin to increase your affiliate rating by combining it with your original content. This plugin also has add-ons that can help you to set up auto blogs with your affiliate networks which means that this plugin will automatically fetch products as posts in your WordPress blog. Later on, you can add your own original content to edit those posts.

So folks, as we step in the second quarter of 2020 we can instantly see that affiliate marketing has taken a turn for the betterment and it is growing. More and more people are seeing the potential in affiliate marketing.

Many of the social media influencers are using affiliate marketing to up their game in social media. It also helps the brand to grow at a rapid rate. More and more people want things that their social media influencer has and that leads to the promotion of the brands through affiliate marketing.

We also see that people are getting more inclined towards WordPress to promote their affiliations. And that is why we have so many of the plugins that can not only help you with increasing the affiliation quality but also gives you all the stats that can show you which of the links are growing and which of the ads are attracting more traffic than others, which of the keywords are better to you and which of the keywords are the ones being used by the competitors. This all can help you generate more revenue and up your business game.

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