WordPress Customization Options for Your Site

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Do you need help customizing your new WordPress website? You might be new to WordPress and don’t know all the ins and outs of creating a WordPress website that could rank high on Google and have a Secure Hosting. Here are some ways WordPress can be customized for everyone with the help of the experts.

Customizing WordPress for Your Site

Once you’ve launched your website for everyone to see, you might want to customize your WordPress website to make it even better. WordPress has several defaults that you can change all on your own.

  1. Backing Up Your WordPress Website

Backing up your WordPress website is similar to backing up your iPhone. You wouldn’t want to lose all the data on your phone, so what’s the difference with your website. Especially all those hours spent customizing your website.

Therefore, this is where plugins come in handy because you can utilize one of them to help back up your WordPress website. BackUpBuddy and UpdraftPlus are two great plugin choices.

  1. Let Google See Your Website

In order for Google to see your website, you have to set it up. If you want any kind of rank on Google, you might want to start by enabling Google to see your website.

  • To do this, you simply go to settings and then click on Reading.
  • You will see a box that says “discourage search engine from indexing this site.”
  • All you have to do is click the box beside it and save the settings.

You might want to check to make sure this stays checked every so often.

  1. Altering Your Permalink Structure

The first thing you can change is the default on your permalink structure. You see the default is automatically set to “Plain.” Therefore, you won’t be able to have URLs that match your pages and posts. Therefore, you can switch this default to “Post Name.” This means that if you set up a contact page on your website, the URL will correlate that page. However, you might not need to do this if you have a Bluehost or another hosting service. They will have the “Post Name” turned on instead of the default. This can be essential if you want Google to rank your website high because having these permalinks can be bad for SEO purposes.

  1. Security Plugin

Who hasn’t gotten an anti-virus for their laptop? Several people purchase anti-virus security to help protect their laptops from viruses. So, what’s the difference in protecting your website from hackers and every other known attack on your business information.

It also doesn’t help that WordPress isn’t known for having great security. Therefore, in order to have secure WordPress hosting, you can get a security plugin. These types of plugins can make your website secure. Wordfence and iThemes Security are two great plugins for helping secure your WordPress website.

  1. Setup a Plugin For Your Analytics Solution

Do you want to know how well your WordPress website is doing? Having a plugin for your analytics solution can provide you with all the data on how well your traffic is, which pages people are browsing, and so much more. MonsterInsights and ExactMetrics are two great plugins to use for this purpose. However, you can also go to the Google Analytics website and they can offer more advice on Analytics Solution.


Getting Help With WordPress

The great aspect of WordPress is that it’s so popular and everywhere that there are so many ways of getting help with your WordPress problems. Let’s take a look at some places you can find some great help.

WordPress offers everyone the availability of their WordPress Support Forums. Several people have the same type of questions, so it’s handy to have a forum of all the questions or problems that can easily be solved by searching it on the WordPress Support Forums.

For example, if you wanted to know how to switch from a WordPress.com to WordPress.org, you can look it up in the forum. They can offer you links to help you figure it out or more in-depth advice for those who are struggling. This information is free to browse for whenever you are having troubles with your website or want to learn more. However, those who answer these questions in the forum are volunteers.

Stack Exchange is another free service for those who want their WordPress questions answered. However, this website curtails more to those who are asking more technical and problematic questions about WordPress.

While WordPress Support Forums are free, WP Buffs is a paid service. They have plans starting at $40, but they provide 24/7 service. Therefore, you can ask a question over live chat to get your problem solved no matter when it is. They can help with your website’s performance, security, and much more. It can be helpful to business websites.

Having an Expert Tweak a Template

You can pay an expert to tweak your template to the way you want your website to be. The cost of the tweaks can vary, depending on the amount of work you want to be done to your website. Sometimes you want your website to show only certain things on a page or create an easier way of navigating your website.

That’s where WordPress experts come in. They can provide the service you want to be done for your website, which can also help build your traffic. When a website is easy to navigate and has interesting thumbnails, chances are your traffic will build from the effects it has on people. If you want to only show excerpts of your posts on the home page instead of the whole content, a WordPress expert can easily have that done.

Contact BionicWP if you have any questions about WordPress. We can answer any questions you might have about WordPress.

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