WordPress for Beginners

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Building a website does not have to be complicated. There are many hosting sites on the web nowadays, but you want one that focuses on making your life easy. The solution is BionicWP because it is ideal for those with little to no experience in managing a website, HTML, web design, or any kind of programming. The major appeal of WordPress is that it is easy to use and allows for customization so you can put your unique flare on your website.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) WordPress

Businesses are becoming increasingly digital to compete with the ever-changing market. If you want to stay competitive, the web is where you need to have a presence. With WordPress hosting, any DIYer can create their own website or blog that can wow potential clients and readers. WordPress has basic templates available for free that you can utilize to grow your business. They offer 24/7 support to all users which is ideal for those first-time creators. In addition, WordPress offers secure web hosting and customized domain names. You can even choose to upgrade your site at a later time to take advantage of additional features.

Managing posts with WordPress takes very little effort for DIYers. Once you create your host page, the right corner of the Post Editor is where you’ll find the tools you need to get your content online and ready to view. The Editor button will give you the options to publish, change settings and formats, and upload and attach images to any posts. You can schedule your posts for ideal release times and in whatever order you choose. If you have content ready to go, you can batch upload and then set specific times and dates for them to be published. The Visibility option allows you to control who sees your posts by offering password protection options for privacy posts. Under this option, you can also pin posts to the top of your website so they remain visible no matter what you upload. This feature is perfect for a post greeting new and returning clientele.

Hosting Options

Secure web hosting is the only real option when managing a website. BionicWP is ideal for secure hosting because security is important to their ease of use concept. They offer service options that can add in layered security and website back-ups in case something goes wrong. As a DIY website designer, you will have control over your site and any code you create. While managed WordPress hosting includes basic templates, you can customize any theme and build upon the basic blocks provided.

In addition, WordPress hosting has growth potential that includes plugins to aid in spam protection and analytics to help oversee who is visiting your site. As mentioned before, there are also privacy features that allow you to password protect your site or specific posts.

Design Templates

Whether you want to start a blog or a business site, BionicWP has the right template for you. The options that WordPress provides are numerous and will allow you to get your site up and running faster with little headache. Using a free template has huge advantages because you already have a base to work with. The only downside can be that a lot of other DIYers might be using the same free template. The trick is to ensure you edit the template to add in some distinct touches so that it stands out to prospective users.

Once you have your website up and running, managed WordPress hosting allows you edit content before making it publicly visible. As an example, written content for a news or personal blog may start as an idea or fast opinion that needs to be expanded upon via constructive input from many collaborators. The Revisions button in the post editor can allow you to see what changes have been made and access previous post versions. WordPress allows you to attach post images along with a title to describe the image for search engine optimization. Tricks like these will ensure your WordPress site is growing at an optimal rate.

Managed Growth

Future growth is possible for your website through upgraded features. While these are not free, BionicWP offers competitive rates so you can get up and running quickly. Another piece of advice that you should not ignore the Categories and Tags options. Categories allow you to put your post in a type-group (for example, blog, portfolio, reviews). The Tags option allows you to add specific descriptors that detail the post further. For example, if you write food reviews, and you write a dessert post about cakes, you can add those words and other possible related words to improve SEO. BionicWP offers all these features and more and they are ideal for first-time website creators. Contact them and get your WordPress website out there today.

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