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WordPress Made Simple With Existing Coding

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Coding is not required to use WordPress but can be a great tool for creating a professional and dynamic site for your business. WordPress has a lot more going for it than a static HTML site, and there are plenty of online and in-person locations to learn coding basics. By picking up on the basics of coding it will help you create the perfect WordPress site, though coding isn’t a necessity to building with WordPress.

One of the features that goes back and forth on if it is a good thing is the ability to edit the existing code that makes up your WordPress website. Some users adore the ability to go in and tweak things exactly the way they want them, but other more beginner based users are unsure about tampering with the existing code they do not have experience with.

Regardless of your stance, you’ll most likely need to have some prior coding knowledge to do it properly. This article will go over the basics of editing with or without using coding.

WordPress vs. Static HTML

WordPress, as you know, is a CMS (content management system) that allows for versatile and beginner use through a drag and drop system to create nearly any type of website. WordPress is considered one of the most used web creators in the world.

A static HTML site is a bit different, the biggest difference is unless you have professional web design knowledge you will need to hire a web developer to create the website. Hiring a professional can cost a small fortune, however, HTML sites have lower maintenance and don’t store information on a database, instead keeping it in background web files.

It’s not surprising to see that WordPress has a plethora of advantages to using it, some require professional assistance while others can be done personally. Some of those positive features include: it is easy to update, professional templates to pick from, plugins, and you have full ownership of your website.

The downside to WordPress is it does require consistent maintenance and can take some time to figure out everything it has to offer. Having a static HTML site too has its own disadvantages such as having to hire a web developer for any updates or additions you would like added.

With the pros and cons discussed WordPress seems the obvious answer to grow and profit as a small business using WordPress. You’ll need to use a hosting site with your site, Managed WordPress is a fantastic professional option for proper hosting.

WordPress Editors

WordPress comes with two easy to use editors for large changes you make on your website: the theme and plugin editors. Both of these editors come automatically with WordPress and do not need to be downloaded to start using them. As the names suggest they are used for your theme and plugin changes.

The theme editor can have changes made as long as you have the correct permissions, be sure to save a backup of your previous theme and set up just in case something goes wrong. Changing the theme does not require you go into the coding and is as simple as switching some files around.

The plugin editor, however, can involve several different types of script including HTML, PHP, CSS, and TXT all well-known types of coding. These changes, however, can be easily figured out with a little help from the WordPress community through forums or tutorials.

Something to keep in mind when making changes to your theme or plugins using the editors are that any changes you make are instant. Due to this fact it may be a good idea to make changes at low traffic hours either early in the morning or night, the last thing you want is to push away new users because you’re editing your site at noon.

If you are looking to make changes to your site while offline you will need a text editor. There are many different suggestions for use, some of the suggested include Atom, BBEdit, and Boxer Text Editor plus many others.

Places To Learn Coding

Coding is used in a variety of things far outside of WordPress and depending on your business and ambitions could be a valuable thing to learn. There are plenty of schools out there to teach coding, but if you don’t have the time or finances to go that route the internet is always available to you.

W3Schools is a fantastic website that allows you to learn a variety of coding types from HTML, PHP, Javascript and more completely free to use. They split up the basics into small easily digestible sections to slowly go through at your own pace until you’ve accomplished what you have set out to learn.

WPMU DEV is another great website that takes a different approach than W3Schools which specializes in coding. This website caters towards WordPress beginners teaching them the basics to get started creating a successful website.

Envato Tuts+ combines the previous two websites into a different video-based guide to WordPress coding and beyond, great for the beginner WordPress user who also has an interest in picking up how to make coding changes to their site.

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