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The 15 Best WordPress Review Plugins to build authority and trust

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study shows that before placing an order online, an average customer likes to read at least ten reviews. Consumers like to hear about the experiences of other consumers before buying or ordering from an online store. In case you have a WordPress site, then you can easily provide your potential customers with this information by adding WordPress Review Plugins.

There are various WordPress review plugins available with different features and facilities, and choosing the best one can be challenging. In this article, we will deliberate on 15 of the Best WordPress Review Plugins to help you select the best one.

Why Bother Putting Review on Your WordPress Site?

With the ever-growing online market, there are hundreds of options available for the customers to buy from. Putting up customer reviews on your website will give you a plus point, as it will increase your rating and will also influence the customers. Besides making your website more appealing and customer-friendly, adding a review plugin will also help you in several other ways:

Using reviews will help you increase the CTR of your website, and thus giving it an SEO improvement. With online reviews becoming a key part of SEO, Google and other search engines prefer to show results with star rating reviews.

When potential customers read about the good experiences of other consumers, it will urge them to do business with your brand. These reviews will help your brand gain more popularity and acceptance through word of mouth.

Customer reviews give your business, products, and services a validation. When customers see other people approving and appreciating your brand, they will get social proof and will be more trusting to do business with you.

When customers put up a review on your website after getting serviced by you, it helps you form a bond with them. Having a satisfied customer base will make your brand more popular and familiar with people.

These reviews help you gain a perspective about your business and let you know about any flaws or weaknesses so that you can overcome them.

What should an ideal WordPress Review Plugin help you achieve?

By choosing a Review plugin, you should be able to achieve the following:

  • It should create a unique and user-friendly review box enabling customers to give a transparent rating.
  • It should provide a form for customers to write their reviews
  • Give rich snippets for higher rankings in search engines.
  • Ability to sort bad and good reviews
  • Give options to upload more visual reviews, like pictures or videos
  • A search bar to find related reviews with keywords
  • Different choices for reviews display.
  • A dashboard to check and moderate the incoming comments.
  • Options of Customizable fields in the reviews.
  • Ability to gather and combine reviews from other places like Google and Yelp.
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Our list of 15 Best WordPress Review Plugins

Now we know why adding WordPress reviews plugin is crucial to your website. Following are 15 best review plugins for WordPress according to us. Read on to learn about them.

Stars Testimonials is a FREE Premio WordPress plugin that helps websites speed up conversions. By displaying customer reviews, you can aid consumers in purchasing decisions while building trust, credibility, and loyalty. Aside from all the necessary social proof elements (photos, company name, ratings), Stars Testimonials offers amazing advanced features on its lineup of paid plans, such as 15+ widget styles, wide variety of layouts, customization options, access to different domains, and unlimited number of testimonials. You can enjoy the benefits of Stars Testimonials starting from $19 per year.

Ultimate Blocks is a Gutenberg blocks plugin that comes with 18+ custom blocks. All of these blocks are designed to help you to create better content. One of the blocks is ‘Review’ block. It’s a schema-enabled block that lets you add a review box to your WordPress posts/pages. You can add review title, author name, features with ratings, summary with the cumulative rating, and call-to-action button. The plugin also offers HowTo and FAQ schemas. 

WP review pro is one of the top WordPress Reviews plugins you can get. This plugin provides support for 14 types of rich snippets that applies to various subjects, such as books, films, and paintings. It offers 16 default design templates along with various customizing settings. This plugin also gives unlimited color choices and 5 different rating systems, including star, percentages, thumbs-up, points, and circle. Moreover, it allows your website to import reviews from Google, Facebook, and Yelp to increase your rating and credibility. You avail all these at quite a reasonable price with 24/7 customer support services.

This review plugin WordPress can work with any WordPress website, even without WooCommerce integration. However, the plugin works best when combined with WooCommerce. This plugin helps in creating a more robust engagement with your customers. One of its most attractive features is that it sends out a notification that urges your customer to give reviews. Additionally, you can even give a discount code every time a person rates their purchased products.

This plugin is a free and comprehensive solution for gathering, moderating, and publishing reviews on your WordPress website. It allows you to have a simple form letting customers submit their reviews on the front-end interface of your site. Once submitted, the reviews can be viewed on your dashboard, enabling you to accept or decline them. Besides several options for review box display, WP customer Reviews can display a number of reviews on a single page.

WP product review is a free review plugin with basic functionality of collecting and publishing reviews. It provides many different and unique features to add to your review box. This plugin also allows you to work with Amazon making it easy to use affiliate links in your customer reviews. The review box also adds proper schema markup to get you Google rich snippets. With this plugin, you can enable user ratings and allow users to leave their own reviews while posting a comment.

Schema Ninja is an easy and effective review plugin with some remarkable features. It is adaptable to third-party themes, is easy-to-use, easy-to-install, and is very interactive. It structures its data using rich snippets, making your website SEO friendly. It also supports a variety of contents, including videos, articles, etc.

The Site Reviews Plugin has a straightforward and simple yet effective and influential method to collect ratings and reviews for your website. It has several options for reviews display, including shortcodes, widgets, and blocks. You can also customize the order of the reviews by pinning best ones on the top. It is one of the cleanest methods of getting reviews with standard formatting. You can display the reviews anywhere on the website, can integrate with Akismet to remove spams, backup and restore in case of any data loss, gets you a rich snippet, and can also export or import reviews to and from other websites.

Instead of enabling your customers to write reviews on your website, The Google Reviews budget gathers all your google business reviews and displays those on your website. This free plugin is sufficient and useful for smaller brands and businesses. Some of its features include filters, rich snippets, and it also enables you to merge individual reviews. This plugin supports several languages, provides several themes, and also supports darker websites. It lets you integrate with Google, Yelp, and Facebook, and also enhances your SEO effectiveness.

This is one of the most easy-to-use and effective ways to get and display customer reviews on your website. It collects all your business reviews that are already available on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. It then compiles the information and lets you put it anywhere on the website. You can also decide how to display the reviews in columns. WP business reviews plugin allows you to change the background color according to your theme, filter out the negative comments, and also use engaging formats for display.

Taqyeem is one of the top-rated premium review plugins due to its competitive pricing and extensive range of features. It offers a reliable schema markup implementation, whether your review is a post, custom post, or page type. It also helps your website become more SEO friendly with your visitor’s rating. It offers tremendous customization options to match your website theme and branding appropriately. It offers three rating styles, including star, points, and percentage, and the icons can be modified to heart or thumbs-up. This plugin supports 500+ google web fonts and typography, plus you have unlimited review criteria and color choice for every element of the review box.

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Customers are usually more attracted and influenced by a review if they see visual content added to it. With the primary focus of allowing customers to post a quick picture of the item they bought from you, this plugin is quite effective and powerful. When the customers share visual information on your websites, it enhances your social proof and has a positive impact on our conversion rate.

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This may not be a review plugin technically, but more of a tool to make schema markup on your WordPress website. The Schema plugin has different functionality than other plugins on this list. It combines your current review system and adds visuals for the search engine. This plugin can show several types of information on search engines, like people, recipes, and reviews. Schema guarantees you to give useful data to make your website more SEO friendly, making it likely to rank higher.

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Reviewer is one of the most popular and best-selling review plugins in the CodeCanyon marketplace. It delivers flexibility by allowing you to add review boxes and comparison tables to your pages, posts and custom post types based on responsive templates, or even create your own. You can set the review criteria, score range, colors, labels, font, size, icons, and much more. It also offers different rating systems, including stars, bars, or custom criteria. Overall, Reviewer helps you connect better with your audience by being a highly visual user review plugin with a wide range of customizable options.

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This plugin will give your customers more freedom in giving their reviews. It allows them to add star ratings, upload an image, and also create their own review titles. One of its more useful features is that if one item has been rated by many people, you will be able to display it to newcomers as a widget. This will increase the sales of your featured items. This plugin comes with no price tag and no premium version. Moreover, it delivers a highly user-friendly interface.

It is a free plugin that is perfect for adding a specific review type to your website – testimonials. These reviews provide information about the overall experience of a customer and are mostly positive. With this plugin, you can choose a template and modify it with a customer photo, star rating, and unique background colors.

Wiremo is a customer-centric review plugin, which enables people to give their feedback. It offers free widgets, Social media connections, SEO integration, Cross-browser compatibility, Popup trigger, and the ability to give a coupon to upsell products. It helps you connect more with the customers and can also feature blogs, FAQs, and customer posts.

Which one is Ideal for you?

WP Review Plugins can play a critical role in building a more effective website. It helps you build authority and trust with your customers, make your rankings higher in search engines, and can make your business grow. To answer the question of which is the best review plugin for WordPress, here 10 of the best plugins from our list to help you choose:

  • WP Review Pro: Consider this for maximum customization options.
  • Customer Reviews for WooCommerce: Best for online stores as it accepts photos in reviews.
  • WP Customer Reviews: Select this if you want a free and clean plugin option.
  • WP Product Review: Perfect for online stores that want ratings for criteria.
  • Site Reviews: Pick this for a free and feature-filled review module.
  • Google Reviews Widget: Best choice if you own a smaller brand and want automatic reviews from Google and Yelp.
  • WP Business Reviews: Perfect for automating reviews from Google and Facebook.
  • Taqyeem: Provides ultimate customization
  • Schema – All in One Schema Rich Snippets: You should only use this if you want unique schema rich snippets.
  • Reviewer WordPress Plugin: This has the best review module design.

We hope all this information helps you make your choice and make your WordPress website more interactive and useful for your business.

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