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WordPress vs. Everybody Else

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By now, you may have heard that 30 percent of all websites in the world are now run on WordPress. This distinction is made more profound by the fact that its closest competitor in this segment, Joomla, comparatively runs a meager 3 percent of all websites on the internet.

Why WordPress is Number 1?

Ever since its launch in 2003, WordPress has come a long way in terms of user adoption, retention, and its overall credibility. The distinction of being the No. 1 content management system (CMS) in the world has not come easy for WordPress. But even then, it has managed to hold its own against other large-scale providers such as Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, and Shopify – which make for the remaining top 5 CMS in the world.

However, due to its ease of use, immense design capabilities, and extensive customization features, WordPress has so far surpassed every other competitor that it faces on the planet. But if WordPress’ reputation as the world’s primary CMS and hosting platform is not enough for you, then consider the fact that WordPress powers the websites of some of the world’s most renowned entities including but not limited to Variety, Walt Disney, and Microsoft.

Yes, Microsoft, the company that is considered the originator of modern computing, uses WordPress as its primary website solution. But those facts would not be surprising to you once you learn some more about what WordPress can do for its users, and what can it do for you.

Five WordPress Benefits

While we have mentioned a few features of WordPress above, we will describe them in a more detailed manner here so you could understand just how those features could turn into tangible benefits for you and other website owners all around the world.

WordPress is Free to Use – This is by far one of the most subversive features that WordPress has introduced to its user base, and which still drives its popularity by a significant margin. WordPress as a CMS is free to use for anyone (if you use the original WordPress.org site). The only cost that you have to bear is for your secure web hosting, your domain name, and any plugins that you may use. This sets WordPress apart from the other CMS out there in a very prominent manner since other solutions charge a hefty amount in terms of letting users access their services.

It’s Easy to Select Any Secure Web Hosting – Unlike other CMS such as Shopify that charge for their own hosting, WordPress provides its users with complete freedom over selecting their secure web hosting server. This means that as long as you have your own secure web hosting that you could run as a secure or managed WordPress hosting solution, you are good to go and install the WordPress CMS on your own domain.

Freedom of this sort to use your own secure WordPress hosting does not come lightly or cheap, which is one of the many reasons behind WordPress being such a sought-after solution.


It’s a Game Changer for Customization – Apart from pricing and letting users select their own secure WordPress hosting, WordPress also carries the distinction of providing customization features of the sort that would put any mix and match solution to shame. You may think of this as playing with a set of freestyle Lego blocks. You start with the selection of a few pieces, but you only have to use the blocks that you want. Add as much or as less as you desire in terms of design or functionality, and pay only for the design, services, and features that you have selected for yourself.

These features, that are available in the form of design themes and functionality plugins, range from enhancing user experience to adding security services to the website. This “make your own plan” mechanism is once again one of the topmost reasons why WordPress is selected by individuals as well as businesses of all scales.


All You Need is a Domain, Hosting, and a Clear Idea – With all these features that WordPress provides to its users, it is no wonder that they have the attention of a significant user base. WordPress can meet the needs of those that have money in the bank and IT team or someone that has minimal discretionary funds and just wants to start a blog.

Everyone can get started with WordPress. All you need is a domain, managed WordPress hosting, and a clear idea on the design and functionalities of your website. Depending upon the features you use, you may need to pay some additional fees, but that’s it. You will be all set to join the largest website community with all its ideas and support at your disposal.

For WordPress Hosting, All You Need is BionicWP

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