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The Top 5 WordPress White label plugins

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Have you ever wanted to change the way your dashboard on WordPress appears? Well, if you don’t know already, WordPress white label plugins allow you to do it. White label WordPress plugin can modify, change, and customize your dashboard and other things such as the login page.

It is not easy to choose from among the various options available for the WordPress white label plugin. However, we have made it easier for you by bringing in the Top 5 WordPress plugins, which white label the dashboard. In this, it will become easier for you to select the best one for yourself.

WordPress White label services

WordPress white label plugins have various benefits. It does not matter whether you use the dashboard for your self or have granted access to the public. The benefits of the white label plugin exist in both situation and are the following:

    • You can remove or add links, menu items, and much more. In this way, you can design a dashboard that goes with your workflow and vibe of the business.
    • The white label plugin also allows you to improve your branding with the addition of your colors and logo.
    • You can hide or unhide stuff from user roles or users.
    • You can design or make changes to the dashboard to make it better and aesthetically soothing to the eyes in whatever way you may want.

      WordPress white label plugins

Top 5 WordPress White label plugins

This is an incredible WordPress white label plugin that allows you to change anything from functionality to styling. Out of all the white label plugins we are going to mention; this one is the most detailed.

All of the features are packed in categories to make it easier for users to use the features of the tool without any difficulties. The highly user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to change anything without having to be good with technology quickly.

The standout feature for 
AG Custom Admin is that it allows users to add new items to the main menu.

Similar to AG Custom Admin, White Label CMS offers various features. However, it can be considered a toned-down model of AG Custom Admin. Most of the simple stuff which you can do with AG Custom Admin can also be done with White Label CMS. In simpler words, you can display or hide several elements, including icons, links, items, and subitems, boxes, and even create sections of your own.

It is incredibly simple and, therefore, user-friendly. The options available are classified and are shown in drop-down menus. It is not as customizable as other white label plugins, but if you are looking for a basic change in your dashboard, it will do the job. It offers no design settings; hence, you cannot make any visual changes. However, you can make some fresh changes and clean up your dashboard as you may wish.

The Custom Login Page Customizer is unlike the plugins mentioned before. This one has been designed to target the WordPress login page specifically. It makes use of the real-time WordPress Customizer for you to design and shape your whole login page. This is done without having to use any code. You can change the backgrounds, create styles, change colors, etc.

WordPress white label plugins

The WP Admin UI Customize is more on the technical side of the white label plugins. Therefore, it is not as user-friendly as the white label plugins mentioned before. You can create your white label site with this plugin by using shortcodes and code snippets of your own.

The standout feature of this white label is that it allows you to customize the admin pages of all user roles. This means that in case you want to give certain options to the editors with a particular interface in place, a custom interface can be created for them. You are also allowed to change these appearances if you feel like it. The plugin targets the shape of your sidebars and the menus.

Blue Admin is a white label plugin which targets the skin of the WordPress dashboard. This simply means that this white label plugin cannot change functionality. It can only help you improve the appearance of your WordPress white-label website. Compared to the previous plugins mentioned, this is quite different.

With regards to functionality, the plugin allows you to add three add-ons that allow you to make changes to your login page, toolbar and make use of more colors.

White label plugins are an incredible tool to customize and design your WordPress white-label website. It allows you to put out what you want to for yourself, the editors, and the public. Curious to know about more? Here’s an article on 
White Label hosting for beginners, check it out!

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