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BionicWP Vs WPEngine: Battle of WordPress Hosting Giants

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Consider this. Your store is running just fine one morning and the next day it just crashes. You get an email that your server was turned off because your whole bandwidth was consumed. What would you do?

Sadly this is the case with most website store owners who try unreliable and untrustworthy hosting solutions and then have to pay the price on Black Friday and other major shopping days when their stores get a surprise traffic surge.

Let’s compare two of the best WordPress hosting solutions, BionicWP and WP Engine, compare their features, and see which one will work best for your business.

Let’s learn about both solutions in detail.

Bionic WP: An Overview

BionicWP is a perfect hosting solution for anyone who is looking for a truly managed hosting solution. Most companies define a truly managed hosting solution as something that can manage your hosting needs. But BionicWP goes one step further and provides management for your hosting and CMS. In simple terms, you won’t have to manage the day to day tasks on your WordPress website with BionicWP. It will do all the site edits, manage pages and posts, and you can literally sit back and call the shots.

The best part about BionicWP is that you won’t have to pay anything extra to get all these things done. BionicWP team will take care of all the site management as all of it is included in the package.

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Best in Class WordPress hosting and maintenance services for only $27.5 a month

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WPEngine: An Overview

WP Engine is a great WordPress hosting solution for websites, blogs, and ecommerce stores that need a reliable and trusted hosting solution. It offers a powerful hosting stack that improves site performance, manages the site with the click of a button, creates staging sites, and has a clean and simple user interface that makes site maintenance, management, and optimization easy.

BionicWP vs WPEngine: Features in Detail

Now that we have a fair idea about both BionicWP and WP Engine, let’s discuss their features in detail.
Pricing Starts from $12.5/mo

Starts from $35/month
Plans 2 Simple Plans

3 Plans
Money Back Guarantee
Try Before You Buy
No Traffic Limits
Managed Security On ALL PLANS
Server Level Caching
Google PageSpeed Scores Guarantee
GTMetrix Scores Guarantee
Weekly Performance Review for Speed and Loadtimes
Performance Optimizations
Global Data Centers Choose from over 10 locations Choose from 5 Locations
CDN POPs 210 – Powered by AWS Undisclosed
Basic WordPress Support
Advanced WordPress Support
Unlimited Edits
Multiple PHP Versions
No Limits PHP Workers
FREE SSL on All Plans
Free Managed Migration
24/7 Ticket Support
Managed Updates for Core, Themes and Plugins

BionicWP is built on a performance-focused hosting stack that is backed by WP Cloud, Cloudflare CDN, and a secret sauce. While any hosting solution can use a cloud at its backend, what makes BionicWP unique is its secret sauce. This secret sauce allows BionicWP to promise guaranteed performance to each of its customers.

You can take a look at all websites that have achieved a 90+ GTMetric performance score by moving to BionicWP and all of these customers are perfectly satisfied with the service that BionicWP offers.

gtmetrix speed report
Source: BionicWP Past Results Report

WPEngine, on the other hand, offers a hosting stack made up of Google Cloud and AWS, NewRelic, and Cloudflare. The sites hosting on WPEngine are also very fast. However, where WPEngine lacks is that it doesn’t offer any performance guarantee to its users.

At BionicWP, we offer a performance proof of all the client websites that have seen a performance boost. So this rule goes in our favour.

Winner: BionicWP

BionicWP offers a basic hosting package for as low as $11.90 for a single website (Including advanced Security). Thanks to BionicWP’s regressive pricing model, when you decide to host more websites on the platform your average cost per site declines. For instance, If an agency owner decides to host 25+ sites on the platform it’s only going to cost them $15/site.

On top of that, the agency can also opt for the truly managed add-on and get access to application-level support with unlimited edits (Yes! Unlimited edits) that would be taken care of by specialized WordPress engineers.

Hence, with BionicWP, you won’t have to hire a separate virtual assistant to make edits to your WordPress website. You can simply email them about what changes you want to be made to all 25+ of your websites, no matter how complex they are, the team will do it for you.

On the other hand, WPEngine offers a basic hosting package for a single site for $30. The price doesn’t include unlimited site edits or a guarantee of a speed score above 90 in GTMetrix.

However, there is a catch. For the plan for up to 10 sites, the price is decreased to $115 in WPEngine hosting package. This is a lot better than what BionicWP was offering but WPEngine doesn’t offer unlimited site edits. So, if users want to get things changed on their website, they will have to hire a virtual assistant and it will cost them over $300 for managing all 10 sites.

Result: It is a draw

BionicWP offers complete support through email, ticket, LiveChat, and even phone calls to its customers. Moreover, it has complete documentation available that its users can always refer to when they need to get work done.

On the other hand, WPEngine is nothing different. It offers the same level of support through emails, tickets, live chat, and social media. It doesn’t offer phone support but that can be ignored since all customers get their queries solved within hours.

Winner: BionicWP

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Best in Class WordPress hosting and maintenance services for only $27.5 a month

Launch your first site for free

BionicWP has a simple yet powerful platform available for managing server and site-related issues. The best part about BionicWP platform is that users can easily manage their DNS redirection, crawl issues, CDN, other add-on integrations and view their server performance in real-time. Moreover, they can manage the updates of all their WordPress instances with the same platform as well. This includes WordPress core updates and plugin management of each website.

WP Engine lets users manage the server through their platform. However, they will have to manage each WordPress instance separately through the site dashboard. In simple terms, users will have to go to their website dashboard and update or uninstall themes and plugins.

So, in a sense, BionicWP has an edge here because it consolidates everything on a single platform making it easier for users to manage site activities.

wpengine invoice

Result: It is a draw

As we have already discussed, BionicWP offers a guarantee to the users that they will get a 90+ score on the Google site speed tool. This is nothing short of impressive and a core selling point for the business.

Every website owner wants their website to load within 3 seconds. And now that Google core web vitals have become an essential part of the ranking algorithm, getting a 90+ score on speed tests is inescapable for each site.

For uptime, BionicWP has all its websites hosted on WP Cloud. WP Cloud has a 100% uptime for all its servers and you can see the live results on this

compare prices

WPEngine, on the other hand, offers a custom stack for performance. It uses the cloud power of Google or AWS coupled with Cloudflare CDN and NewRelic to boost performance. However, since WPEngine doesn’t promise any site speed, we can’t share performance results for WPEngine.

Since BionicWP offers proof of multiple websites that have seen a tremendous performance increase, it is another point in our favor.

Winner: BionicWP

Yes, BionicWP is a perfect alternative to WPEngine. While both have their shortcomings when it comes to hosting, however, BionicWP offers a lot more features than WPEngine.

Here are a few more features of BionicWP that we haven’t discussed yet and that are not offered by WPEngine at all.

What makes BionicWP better than all other hosting solutions out there is that it offers guaranteed site performance. If you get a hosting solution for your website, they won’t promise that they will make it load in less than 3 seconds. But BionicWP does that! This is something that makes it a gem among WordPress users.

Similarly, no other hosting solution like Kinsta, WPEngine, or any other allows users to try their platform before they can buy. BionicWP lets users try the platform for free. Moreover, the users won’t just try the platform, they can even analyze their GTMetrix score after switching to BionicWP. All this is done even before the user pays for the website hosting BionicWP is offering!

What if your website gets hacked and you find out about it after a month or so? Most hosting solutions only offer 15-day off-site backup. But that is not the case with BionicWP and it offers a 90-day off-site backup. What this means is that even if you want to restore your website after 90 days, the BionicWP team will do it for you, for absolutely free!

Hacking is heart-wrenching. But more importantly, it is profit-shackling. That’s why BionicWP offers a hack promise. The hack promise lets users get a pre-hack website for absolutely free. The service is not just a one-time offer and users can get their website back to the pre-hack state every time it is hacked by someone. Isn’t it a WIN for the WordPress users?

The best part about BionicWP is that its team is proactive. It means even if you don’t know that your website page speed scores have dropped, the BionicWP team will know for sure! They are monitoring the site health of each website regularly. If they find any anomalies in site health, they jump to fix it ASAP.

Moreover, WordPress users can directly contact BionicWP if they see that their websites are running slow. BionicWP is always available on live chat and responsive on social media so WordPress users can easily get their complaints solved within minutes.

Unlimited edits are something out of a dream. I mean which WordPress hosting solution offers unlimited edits for your website that too for absolutely no additional cost? BionicWP makes that happen as well.

This is another unique selling point of BionicWP and it makes all the difference. Whether WPEngine can beat BionicWP in speed and performance is debatable but whether WPEngine can beat BionicWP in WordPress site edits is simply out of the question!

It is a pain to update plugins, themes, and WordPress core installation every time a new update is released. No one wants to do that because in some cases it can even break the site!

With BionicWP
, you won’t have to worry about updating WordPress core at all. The BionicWP support team will take care of this issue by itself. They will clone your website to a staging area and update the WordPress core. If your website theme breaks with the update, they will roll it back. No harm is done to your actual website. Simple right? The best part? You won’t have to move a single finger because everything is managed by BionicWP itself!

Are you an agency? Don’t want your clients to know that you are using a third-party hosting solution to manage their website? Not a problem. BionicWP offers a completely white-labeled hosting package that will run all your client websites and you can manage it through your admin account. In simple terms, you can private label BionicWP as your own hosting solution and sell it to your clients. Furthermore, even when your client or competitors wants to know who is hosting this site they won’t be able to deduct so as our white label services are free from any branding. On top of this, you will always have the BionicWP support available 24/7 to take care of server-level issues, site edits, and anything else that you want to be done (except making you a cup of coffee 🙂 that is just not part of their service).

Both are great as we said earlier. However, BionicWP WordPress hosting solution is a more beneficial option for WordPress users. It offers peak performance levels, unlimited site edits, complete site and server management, and a lot more storage capacity than what WPEngine offers.

Even if there are some differences in packages, they are negligible because BionicWP offers a whole host of features that WPEngine simply doesn’t.

Fully managed WordPress hosting and unlimited application-level support

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