You Need Content for Your Small Business Website

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Now you have started your WordPress website, you are looking at the homepage and trying to figure out what to do next. What should you include in your website to benefit your small business the most? Here are some of the top necessities for any small business website.

What Should I Have on My Business Website?

When it comes to setting up your website, content is just as relevant as the product you sell. If you do not have the content to attract and keep your viewers your product will never have the chance it deserves. Any small business website dealing in eCommerce should have the following on their website:

  • A homepage that tells what you offer to your viewers
  • An about page that defines the principles of your business and tells of your dedication to your customers
  • A product/services page that shows what you do or your business has to offer
  • A blog that informs your audience about products or advances in your industry
  • A FAQ page that answers your customer’s questions before they have to ask
  • A contact page for easy communication with you
  • A testimonials page that lets your potential customers see how impressed your current customers are
  • A media page that keeps your clientele informed about what is going on in the world about your product or services
  • A terms and conditions and privacy policy page
  • A site map that leads to all of your different pages

The Benefit of Articles on Your Small Business Website

Articles are your first line of marketing for your small business. When a potential customer visits your site, they are looking for information. Information about your company, information about what your products do, and information about how your product is a must have in their lives. Well maybe not exactly like that but you get the picture. Blog posts about your industry or changes in the usefulness of the products you provide are crucial to helping your viewers become buyers. You need to give them useful information to help them get the most out of your site and products. Your blog posts should be a regular part of your business routine. Adding at least once a month is recommended at first and more as the company grows. Utilizing your blog in this way will give your viewers a reason to return to your page even if they are not looking to buy something. Who knows, once they are there, they might decide they need a new product. After all, that is what happens at the grocery store, you go for one product, and while you are checking out, you need a drink and a pack of gum too. Getting your viewers on your site and giving them quality information to keep returning is just as important as making the sale.

Why Have a FAQ Page on Your Small Business Website?

Frequently asked questions can be tiresome when you have to give the answers over and over again. It is crucial that you have a FAQ page that informs your readers while showing them where they can find the answers as well. In having a FAQ page, you will facilitate the lives of your viewers as well as yourself. By giving them answers without them having to ask you are providing them with a great customer experience, which bodes well for your website. When you are making your FAQ page you want to make sure you include all of those questions that go through customer service daily, cutting down the amount of time in answering questions instead of solving problems. Also, embedding links into your FAQ list directing customers to where they can see these answers on your site gives validation to the answers. This validation will build confidence in your viewers and helps convert them from viewer to buyer.

How to Put Products on a Website

When your small business is involved in eCommerce, you want to make sure that your product presentation is designed for the ease and satisfaction of the customer, not you. With your WordPress website, you will have many features through WooCommerce, that will facilitate this process for you. You want to make sure the content you give for your products is adequate and enticing at the same time. More importantly, you want to make sure your products are set up in a way that is easy to find and buy. For example, you do not want to have everything thrown on the page where the customer has to search through dozens of items to get to what they need. You want to utilize the categories feature included with WooCommerce and the tags. With categories assigned to each product, your customers will be able to type in what they are looking for and be taken to the right page of products. If your customers cannot quickly find what they need they will look somewhere else. Proper product placement is key to turning browsing customers into paid sales.

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