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Top Features

Hyper Optimized Hosting

Do you want 90+ on GTMetrix and Google Page Speed?  Yup, we got that!  Our solution has been used on over 1000 WordPress websites and all get amazing scores.  Don't believe me, sign up and add your site to our staging environment and see the results for yourself - we all this "try before you buy"

Free Migrations

100% free migrations for all of your sites.  You give us access to your site and we will migrate it for free.  Got 100+ sites - awesome!  We got you covered as well and we will knock all of those out.

30 Days of Off-Sites Backups

You want a lot of backups?  We got them!  We will keep 30 days of backups all off-site so if you ever have an issue we (you or us) can rollback whenever you need!

Hack Promise

If somehow your site gets hacked we will fix it for free - no additional charge like all the other guys.

Core, Theme, & Plugin Updates

No more worrying about your core, theme or plugins out of date.  No additional software to purchase to manage this.  Our solution is the 1 place were you can get hosting + truly managed WordPress solution.

Weekly Speed Monitoring

Every week we check the speed of every site on our platform, if scores have dropped our team jumps in and fixes these scores.  If you find a site that has issues, let us know and we will address it asap.

Real-Time Uptime Monitoring - Every 1 min

We monitor your site every 1 minute for uptime.  We get an immediately email and slack alert if any site is down and we jump in and fix it.

Data Center Locations - Strategically Placed Close to Clients Location

Currently we have the following data centers which will continue to grow as we add more.  

  • Amsterdam, NL
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Washington, DC, USA
  • Dallas, TX, USA

Free Development Staging Enviroment

You have access to staging URL to build your sites before you even push the site live at no cost.

UNLIMITED 30 minute edits

I know we are crazy for offering unlimited edits but we also think its crazy that you have to pay full rate to make very simple changes inside of WordPress. What are these simple changes? Things like making edits to content, uploading a plugin and making minor CSS adjustments. What is not simple? Things that require custom development, designing (or redesigning) a graphic, creating any new content or building a new website.

Below we have listed out things that would be included and things that are not included in our unlimited edits:

  • Taking your text changes you provide us and putting them into your page
  • Installing the plugin you send us
  • Creating a bulleted list on a page inside of WordPress
  • Changing out your address, phone, or email on your contact page

Not Included

  • Creating new content for your site
  • Editing an image or graphic
  • Writing custom code to get a plugin or some new functionality on the site. (We can create custom quote to do this for you)


White Label Support - Shared Inbox

We handle all of your clients edits inside of a shared inbox under your brand/email (think support@yourdomain.com).  Your clients just email in their issues and we take care of it.  You can see our communication at any time with your clients with this shared inbox.  

No matter how many sites you have this is a monthly fee of $150 + unlimited edits on all sites you have on the platform (so if you have clients don't request edits do not put them on this service).


What are your hours?

Sales - M-F - 7am - 7pm MST
Chat - 24/7
Email - 24/7

If you have an issue outside of 7am - 7pm MST and do not wish to chat with our team please email support@bionicwp.com  and our team will address the issue ASAP. Our team is located all throughout the world so we can respond and address any server issues at any time, yes even at 2am in the morning.

How do I get started?

Just sign up in your platform, enter your credit card (we won't charge your card until you push your site live), and either request a migration (its free) or migrate the site yourself.  

How many sites are currently on your platform?

We have 1000+ website on our platform currently

Do you have examples of the scores you get with being on your platform?

Sure do!  You can find a lot of the results that we have been able to achieve here - Speed Results

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