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What is the cost for additional disk/bandwidth/visitors?

Yes! Any client can ask for extra resources. Resources that we offer as addition are:

  • Disk: We provide 2GB of disk with each site. If you would like more space we charge a fee of $2 for 1 additional GB used over the 2GB. We may offload assets to AWS S3 as well if your site is over 2GB which does not effect speed or performance.
  • Bandwidth: BionicWP provides users with their own CDN each site gets 50GB Bandwidth. If a site needs more bandwidth we charge an overage of $0.10 for each 1GB Bandwidth used.
  • Visitors: At BionicWP each site gets 20,000 visits. If a sites exceeds 20,000 visits we charge an overage of $1 for every 2000 visits.
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