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What is the cost for additional disk/bandwidth/visitors?

Yes! Any client can ask for extra resources. Resources that we offer as addition are:

  • Disk: We provide 2GB of disk with each site. If you would like more space we charge a fee of $2 for 1 additional GB used over the 2GB. We may offload assets to AWS S3 as well if your site is over 2GB which does not effect speed or performance.
  • Bandwidth: BionicWP provides users with their own CDN each site gets 50GB Bandwidth. If a site needs more bandwidth we charge an overage of $0.10 for each 1GB Bandwidth used. (Currently we are not charging for bandwidth. This could change at some point in the future but we haven’t charged for bandwith usage since we launched the platform).
  • Visitors: At BionicWP each site gets 20,000 visits. If a sites exceeds 20,000 visits we charge an overage of $1 for every 2000 visits.
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