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How to create a staging site from your live site?

  1. Inside of, click on “Sites” in the main navigation
  2. Find the site you want to create a staging site for and click on the screenshot or url. This will load the site dashboard.
  3. On the bottom right of this page, there’s a staging section. Click on “Create Staging”

4. After click “Create Staging” it will ask you to select which site environment you want.

After selecting the staging environment, the website’s name will start with ‘s-‘

  • Now in the secondary navigation click on “Site Operation”
  • Inside of Site Operation, there’s an option of Push & Pull Environment

  • Before you start editing, select pull from live and once you’re done editing you can select push to live
  • You can switch the environments from live to staging and staging to live from the Site Environment option just beside the url of site

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