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How to Customize my report colors? What are they?

Personalizing the colors of your white-label reports in BionicWP allows you to align them with your brand identity. Follow these steps to tailor the color scheme:

    1. Log In to BionicWP: Access the BionicWP dashboard with your credentials.
    2. Navigate to All Sites: From the left sidebar, select “All Sites” to view your hosted sites.
    3. Choose the Site: Select the specific site for which you want to customize the report colors.
    • Select Colors: There are 4 colors available, you can hover over them to see which color is primary or secondary…
      Set the “Primary Color” for the report sidebar and overall theme.
      Specify “Primary Text Color” for text throughout the report.
      Define “Secondary Color” for accent colors in the report iconography.
      Set “On-Primary Text Color” for text on the sidebar with the primary color.
  • Save and Confirm: Once satisfied with your color selections, save your changes and confirm to apply the customized color scheme to your reports.

By personalizing the colors of your reports, you not only enhance brand consistency but also create a professional and visually appealing representation of your website’s performance and activities.

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