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How to generate OTP for support verification

Your OTP identifies you as the owner of your account over the live chat before performing any operation on the site. If asked by a support engineer, please see the steps below on how to Generate an OTP.

  1. Log into my.bionicwp.com and go to “Sites” from the left navigation.
  2. Find the site in question and then click on the screenshot or URL of that to go to the site dashboard.
  3. Once in the dashboard, you can see the “Generate OTP” button under the site URL



  1. Click on “Generate OTP”, this will display a code that you can share with the support engineers for verification.
  2. The code expires in 10 minutes and you will have to generate a new one for the next request.


Feel free to reach out to support@bionicwp.com for any queries.

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