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How to select which database at the time of site launch?

  1. Login into to and click on “+ New Site” in the main navigatio
  2. Click on “Install WordPress” in “Environment Selection”
  3. Enter your WordPress information
    • WordPress Site Title
    • WordPress Admin Username
    • WordPress Admin Password
    • WordPress Admin Email
  4. On the right hand side you will see “Addons” and you can select the addons you want for you new site.
  5. Under “Billing Information” you can see the total amount for your selected addons Plus cost for your hosting.
  6. Add/select the card you want to pay with for your site
  7. Inside of the “WordPress Information” section select which region you want to launch your site in.
  8. Select which database you want to use:
    • MariaDB 10.1.45
    • MySQL 8.0.22
  9. Now click on “Launch Site” on the right hand side
  10. Your site will now be launched on BionicWP.

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