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Speed & Secure Package – Add-ons – What are they?

  • Bionic Speed ( This is now a part of our Speed & Secure plan and isn’t a separate add-on ) – This is when we get you 90+ on Google Page Speed Insights on Desktop. Usually, we are able to get above 80 on mobile as well but that is totally dependent on your site. Bionic Speed Monitoring/Management – Have you ever checked your site right after speed optimization and then again 3 or 6 months later. Those amazing scores do not always stay…amazing. So this is why we proactively monitor and jump in and fix these issues if/when they drop.
  • Daily Virus Scan powered by Malcare.com – We partnered with malcare.com to scan your site daily for viruses. Oh, and if we happen to find a virus we will proactively fix your site, for no additional charge.
  • Managed Core/Theme/Plugin Updates – So this is where everyone says they update your core/theme/plugins but what they are really doing is just setting your plugins to auto-update. We do not do that. We actively, every single day, work on updating core/theme/plugins for sites. I was recently on a call with a pretty significant person in our industry and he was blown away with the idea that we are doing this…but we do. As crazy as it is.
  • Unlimited Edits ( Is a separate add-on that can be enabled on any of the 3 packages ) – Yup, unlimited. Please see this page for more details on what is included and what isn’t included.
  • White Label Inbox Management – If you want to completely outsource your entire hosting service you will want this white label inbox option. This is where we have access to an email under your domain, think something like hosting@(yourdomain.com) and we answer your clients’ questions/issues/ticket requests as if we are your team.


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