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What add ons/additional services do we offer?

Below are the add ons/additional services we currently offer:

  • Advance Security: Advance Security is a required add on and will be implemented on your site. This add on scans your site everyday looking for malware. We also have a number of features that keep your site secure from attacks.
  • Unlimited Edits: Yup, unlimited. You send over your edits and we take care of them.
    • What is included in an edit?
      • Changes to text
      • Changing out images
      • Adding a blog
      • Fixing/editing a form.
    • What is not included in an edit?
      • Custom coding
      • Creating new plugins or editing plugins
      • Any design work
      • Writing content
  • Transaction Email: This is highly recommended. This will increase your websites email deliverability
  • Bionic Speed: This is what get you the amazing scores on our platform! We get 90+ on Google Page Insight desktop. Check out all of our past results –
  • Form Checks: If you ever worry or ever had forms stop working this service will ease that stress. We check forms on your site weekly to make sure they are working

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