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What are the plan differences?

BOLT – based on our testing the 3 bolt plans below are 200-400ms faster than Google and have 100% fully redundant network and infrastructure – if a server/rack/datacenter/continent fails, we will automatically failover to another (see more about that here – https://bionicwp.com/knowledge-base/what-really-is-100-uptime/)

  • Speed & Secure ( $25.90) =- containerized hosting + bionic speed + bionic speed monitoring + managed core/theme/plugin updates + daily virus scanning
  • Secure ($18.90) = containerized hosting + managed core/theme/plugin updates + daily virus scanning
  • Lite ($11.90) = containerized hosting

Google & AWS – if you want your site hosted on Google or AWS we are still hosting sites on those 2 providers. The migration process is much slower (3-5 days) and you do not have the 100% full redudency. The price is $59.90 for these sites.  If you want your site on Google in the notes section of the migration form please note – “GOOGLE/AWS SERVER NEEDED!”


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