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What Information Do I need to have BionicWP move my site over?

To initiate the migration process for your website with BionicWP, please provide us with the following essential information:

Required Details:

  1. Domain: If you already have a domain, please provide its name. If you’re planning to migrate to a development environment first, simply provide the domain name you intend to launch later.
  2. WordPress Login URL: Please share the login URL of your WordPress site (e.g., Domain.com/wp-admin/ or Domain.com/secret-login/).
  3. WordPress Login Username: This refers to the username associated with your WordPress site. To avoid any migration delays, kindly double-check and confirm the accuracy of your login credentials, as they are crucial.
  4. WordPress Login Password: This is the password associated with your WordPress site. Similar to the username, please ensure that the provided password is correct to prevent any migration delays.

Once we receive the above details, our team will commence the site migration to our servers. The subsequent step involves making your site live.

If you prefer us to handle the DNS (Domain Name System) change for you, kindly provide the details of your domain registrar (e.g., www.godaddy.com, www.networksolutions.com, etc.).

The Optional Details:

  1.  DNS registrar URL
  2. DNS registrar Username/Email
  3. DNS registrar Password

If your Registrar has a 2Factor Authentication system, the team will email you to get the one-time login code so we can proceed with the DNS changes.

Otherwise, we will send you an email with the necessary information for you to update the DNS yourself.

If you have any questions or concerns about the migration process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help!

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