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Why should you should choose BionicWP?

BionicWP was created with the idea of bringing agency-level customer service/support to the hosting world. If you look at our tag line “Come for the speed, stay for the support”, this actually came about 6 months after we launched BionicWP.com. We realized that people would come to our platform because of the amazing speeds we would get but then noticed that they would all really talk about the amazing support they received. That is the agency-level support I was hoping to bring to the hosting world.

So all of that is the “soft sell” right? Here are some other reasons:
– 100% fully redundant network and infrastructure – if a server/rack/datacenter/continent fails, we will automatically failover to another – so you should not see your site offline for any hosting-related issues
– 90+ on Google Page Insights Desktop – We leverage our network and a number of different caching plugins to get these results
– Ongoing Speed Maintenance – If you have ever looked at your site speed after optimization and then 6 months later you will see that speed has fallen off. We actually monitor that for you and proactively fix it.
– 24/7 customer service
– WordPress Core/Theme/Plugin Updates – Yes we actually go in and update your core/theme/plugins (not just setting them up on some sort of automatic updates)
– Malcare.com Virus Scanning – Yup, we partnered with one of the best malware scanning platforms to scan your site every single day for virus. Oh, and if your site gets hacked? We fix it for free and don’t charge $100’s.

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