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Truly Managed WordPress Hosting for Agencies

Experience the benefits of our Truly Managed WordPress Hosting solution combined with our exclusive Agency Partner Program, designed to streamline your operations, optimize costs, and empower you to efficiently manage your clients’ websites.

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Delight your clients with lightning-fast, rock-solid, and scalable WordPress hosting that ensures their online presence remains steadfast. With our comprehensive hosting management, you can redirect your energy towards crafting remarkable websites, creating compelling content, enhancing search engine optimization (SEO), and beyond.

All-in-one Agency Solution

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White Label Inbox Management

Isn’t handling support annoying (some people think so)? Not us, we love it. Pass it on to us and remove all the stresses that are involved with support. We reply to all tickets during business hours in less than 15 minutes and resolve most tickets same day for just $150/month for up to 300 sites.
Support is our passion – come for the speed and stay for the support!

Reliable Truly Managed WordPress Hosting

Let us handle the intricacies of website hosting, freeing up your valuable time to concentrate on delivering exceptional services to your clients.

What else can BionicWP
do for you?

BionicWP managed WordPress hosting features for agencies

Free up your time to provide the best service you can for your clients with BionicWP’s help. These features improve your site’s performance, protect your site from downfalls, and provide a streamlined user experience.

All-in-one agency solution

Host your site and your clients’ sites on a hosting platform 100% optimized for WordPress speed, uptime, and security.

Enjoy security & peace-of-mind

Security is a huge concern for businesses of all sizes. Let us monitor your clients’ websites for updates and protect against malware, hackers, and other threats. Plus, BionicWP WordPress hosting comes with FREE Jetpack Security Daily for automated daily backups.

Lightning-fast performance

Deploy your clients’ websites on the only network built exclusively for WordPress and WooCommerce. With data centers worldwide and a global CDN for optimal website speed, you can count on BionicWP to deliver higher conversion rates for your clients with top-performing, fast sites monitored for performance.

Developer friendly

Our unique approach to staging environments makes creating dev, staging, and active sites as easy as clicking a few buttons. We also offer WP-CLI and SSH capabilities, and a clean interface with one-click logins into the /wp-admin. Plus, you can give collaborator access to partners, clients, and anyone else needed to make your vision a reality.

100% uptime guarantee

Enjoy peace of mind knowing our network delivers 100% uptime – guaranteed.

Expert support

Receive 24/7 support from certified WordPress hosting experts when you need us.

Click/Tap me to get nerd details

BionicWP leverages WP Cloud, a platform designed specifically for WordPress and created by experts with over 15 years of experience running millions of sites on WordPress.com and WPVIP. Our hosting infrastructure utilizes Nginx and MariaDB for optimal performance, and we employ modern hosting techniques such as AMD EPYC CPUs, NVMe SSDs, and redundant 25Gbit network connectivity per server.


Our active/passive server setup on bare metal allows us to scale vertically up to hundreds of CPU cores while maintaining real-time replicas in different regions with automatic failover. We provide 10 PHP Workers/CPU threads by default, with the ability to burst up to 110 when needed, and each PHP worker has 512MB of memory, allowing bursting to go up to 55GB.


This is on top of a global core and edge network of data centers around the world, which power a built-in CDN, and each edge server will soon be able to deliver full-site page caching by default.


All inbound requests route through an Anycast range of IPs, connecting the visitor to the closest edge data center. Each edge has an Nginx load balancer that determines if the request should route to a core data center or — if enabled — serve edge cache. This also provides a layer of traffic protection and can dynamically route traffic differently based on incoming demand. By default, most sites can easily withstand a large DDoS attack without our WAF, specialized rate limiting, and layers of DDoS protections; however, we have a dedicated team that actively monitors the network and ensures we’re deploying optimal DDoS mitigations to prevent unnecessary resource utilization. This is on top of active vulnerability monitoring and platform-level mitigations for critical vulnerabilities — without the need for plugin/theme/core updates.


This setup ensures that our hosting infrastructure can support thousands of active users per site, handle massive bursts of site traffic, and cater to some of the largest eCommerce sites on the web.


Multiple layers of caching are enabled by default on each BionicWP site. This includes Page caching (Batcache leveraging Memcached), database query caching (WordPress Persistent Object Caching, leveraging Memcached), OPCache, and global edge page caching (leveraging Nginx Varnish) will soon be available to all sites. In response to the comparison with Redis, BionicWP uses Memcached for caching, as we believe it offers several advantages. Memcached is a high-performance, distributed memory object caching system that efficiently handles load spikes and minimizes the need to fetch data from the database repeatedly. Compared to Redis, Memcached is generally faster, especially for larger datasets, making it an excellent choice for our platform.

Think of us as part of your in-house team

We keep hearing that agencies love BionicWP because we are devoted to delivering excellent service, customized onboarding, and true expert support.

  • Speed Optimization Service

    Our speed optimization service monitors the site speed 2 to 3 times a week, and if it drops below a certain threshold, we go in and optimize it.

  • Updates

    We keep the core, theme, plug-ins all up-to-date.

  • Malware Scanning & Fixing

    We have multiple malware scanning softwares running nightly. If a site would ever gets hacked, we fix it for free.

  • Network Uptime

    100% network up time with redundant servers on standby that rollover if any failure (unheard of for small businesses).

  • On Demand Features

    On demand ram and PHP workers available to scale with traffic.

Feel the need for speed (uptime and security, too)

Our cloud-based platform delivers the enterprise-level speed, uptime, and security that agencies need for high-performing WordPress sites.

All-in-one agency solution

Host your site and your clients’ sites on a hosting platform 100% optimized for WordPress speed, uptime, and security.