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Site Speed Challenge

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The BionicWP Site Speed Challenge

At BionicWP, we believe in the power of website speed (we actually stress over milliseconds). We’re so confident in our ability to supercharge your site’s performance that we’re willing to back it up with a bold promise: If we can’t make your site faster, we’ll give you $100.

Who is this challenge for?

If you’re an agency owner, a freelancer, or someone who manages a number of websites, this challenge is tailor-made for you. We understand the critical importance of speed for your (and your clients) online presence, and we’re here to deliver results that matter.

The Simple Steps to a Site Speed Challenge

  1. You: Start by filling out the form below. Let us know you’re ready to take the challenge.
  2. BionicWP: We kick things off by subjecting your website to a comprehensive performance test using Google Page Insights. We’ll run three tests and calculate the average scores for both mobile and desktop.
  3. BionicWP: The results are in, and we’ll promptly send them to you, giving you a clear picture of where your site stands in terms of speed.
  4. BionicWP: Next, we’ll reach out to request your website’s username and password, ensuring the utmost security.
  5. You: Provide us with the necessary credentials for your site, so we can take a copy and get to work.
  6. BionicWP: We’ll swiftly launch a staging site on our state-of-the-art platform, and seamlessly upload your website to begin the transformation process.
  7. BionicWP: Our dedicated team of experts will meticulously optimize your site, implementing strategies that significantly boost speed and performance.
  8. BionicWP: We’ll present you with the results – a comprehensive before-and-after comparison for both mobile and desktop.
  9. You: Signing up for BionicWP 🙂

The BionicWP Guarantee

If, by any chance, your site doesn’t perform better on our platform, we won’t just walk away with our head down we’ll send you $100 via PayPal. To date, we’ve had to honor this pledge just once.

Don’t settle for sluggish websites. Embrace the power of speed with BionicWP and witness the difference.

Ready to take the challenge? Fill out the form below and let’s start on a journey to turbocharge your site’s speed.

* Only 1 test per person

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