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Why Choose WordPress for Your Website?

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If you are reading this then chances are good that you’re seriously considering starting a website for your company or side business – but you’re hesitant because of price, time involved, and the complexity of the whole thing. However, this isn’t your Daddy’s interwebs! Setting up a new website is easier and more affordable than ever, primarily if you use WordPress to set it up!


Okay, What Is WordPress?

Designed to help you display and organize the content on your website to your liking, WordPress is a content management system (CMS). With WordPress, you can manage everything that appears on your site – from the header with your business name to the footer with your contact information and everything in-between. There’s no requirement to know coding languages or how to make tables, the user-friendly interface of WordPress makes website development a breeze.


Best Reasons For Selecting WordPress for Your Business Website

To reach your target market these days, a website is a must-have! If you’re not a ‘tech-savvy’ type of person, it may seem daunting, confusing and frustrating if you make an attempt at a DIY site, and some company’s prices can scare off almost anyone that looks into hiring someone to develop the website. WordPress negates both of those aspects and here are 6 more reasons why you should use WordPress for your business website.


  1. WordPress is Free – Of course free is always good when you’re operating with a small-business budget. While you’ll likely still need to pay for web hosting and you may want to purchase themes instead of utilizing one of the freebies, but the WordPress download itself costs absolutely nothing.
  2. Ease of Use – It is VERY easy to get a basic site running and looking respectable. If you want to create content that is a little more complex, you may have to do some reading or perusing the support forums, but generally, it is quite quick and easy to have an informative website within just minutes with WordPress.
  3. Not Cookie-Cutter – You aren’t restricted to specific layouts or themes –  Because it is ‘open source,’ developers are always finding ways to improve WordPress, and there are thousands of themes to choose from, and it has a lot of versatility that gives you full flexibility to make your site uniquely you. WordPress has a very rich text editor that supports easy insertion of images, video, and even and you can insert any media files into your content with a single click…
  4. WordPress Takes Security Seriously – It is straightforward to keep your site’s software up to date, which is critical to keeping data thieves and hackers out of your website.
  5. Stand Out to The Search Engines – Structured to be easy for search engine crawlers to navigate, designing your site with WordPress means that it will perform better in search results, especially if you add one of the available SEO plugins.
  6. It Gets Better With Age – Being a large and active community, WordPress continues to evolve, improving its features and interface and with every new version, WordPress enhances its system.

Building a professional looking business website has been made immeasurably simpler with WordPress. Gone are the days of template-lacking options or being pigeonholed into design restrictions that complete control the layout of your site. No more spending time worrying about the security of your customer’s transactions. WordPress makes it simple and secure and BionicWP makes it all stress-free.

You’ve taken the first step in making your business website dreams a reality, started researching your options. Secure website hosting and utilizing WordPress is by far the most popular and viable choice in today’s market. You can either spend a few short hours learning your way around the WordPress interface or opt for managed services and merely direct the structure of your content.

At BionicWP we provide secure WordPress hosting for your site, AND we give you expert WordPress support when you need it. No waiting on a support email to be answered the next day. No sitting in a chat queue for hours on end while your business suffers. No matter what time of day or night, if you run into an issue and you need help, our WordPress tech support team will gladly assist. We are available every single day of the year, 24 hours a day. So whether it’s the morning of Black Friday or the day of your big Midnight Sale, BionicWP is just a simple call away.

Contact BionicWP right now so that we can help you get your business website up and running faster and looking more professional than you ever thought possible. With BionicWP, everyone’s a WebMaster.


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